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We plan to release the final version of the game in December 2017.

The final version of Diesel Guns will contain:

  • classic deathmatch gamemode (DONE);

  • bomb team match gamemode;

  • 5 maps for classic deathmatch;

  • 4 vehicle classes + retro car skins for each vehicle class ;

  • 11 weapons with two fire modes;

  • 2 powerful bonus weapons.


The current state of the Early Access version are contain:

  • classic deathmatch gamemode;

  • bomb team match gamemode;

  • 3 maps for classic deathmatch;

  • 4 vehicle classes with unique specifications and abilities;

  • 11 weapons with two fire modes;

  • 2 powerful bonus weapons.



Diesel Guns Alpha v0.7.6.0


Release notes:

  • Added: new weapons: minigun, bio and laser.
  • Added: mega weapons: harpoon and helfair.
  • Added: giant bulldozer on Industrial.
  • Added: can pick up barrels with a ram.
  • Added: can charge barrels with grenades and/or bio rifle.
  • Added: Anti-Missile Flares (R button).  
  • Improved:VFX for guns. 
  • Changed:machinegun skin. 




Diesel Guns