Diesel Guns is a mix of two absolutely different genres shooter and racing that are magically harmonised inside online car-shooter with a very dynamic fast-paced gameplay, intuitive controls designed to let player focus on gameplay and tons of features that players can use in battle!



The game mechanics combines drive and fun of car combat and balance of classic shooter games.

Easy car and weapon control allow you to concentrate your attention to gameplay.

The supply of vehicles and weapons is the following: 6 main types of weapons, 4 special weapons, 4 fire modes, possibility of combining landmines and various vehicle classes with unique specifications and capabilities. All of this will help you uncover your tactical potential and find your own playing style.

Diverse and eye-catching battle arenas are here too.  Every location is like a sandbox designed in a certain setting and unlimited either by time or a place.




System Requirements: 

  • Steam account
  • Windows 7 64-bit or later
  • NVIDIA GeForce 470 GTX or AMD Radeon 6870 HD series video card or higher





The Game





Besides their exterior, all the vehicles introduced in the game differ in key features such as speed, armor, maneuverability, capabilities and special-purpose weapons. That makes it possible for each player to find his playing style.



There are 6 main types of weapons and 4 special weapons with 4 fire modes in the game. The weapon is balanced and has advantages and disadvantages. When choosing a weapon you have to take into account the speed and distance to an enemy and consider how severely his car is damaged, whether his shield is turned on and other factors.


Not only do you have to change the weapon for the required one quickly but also to use its fire mode properly. Every weapon has 4 fire modes: main, secondary, alternate and alternate secondary. The alternate fire requires 5 or more shells but it has much greater fire power.




Energy is a special resource replenished at the expense of damage or at high speed. You will always have to choose the way to consume energy: using nitro to overtake an enemy, the shield to protect from damage, jumps up to hard-to-get-at places or some special vehicle capability.



Team match

Capture the bomb and deliver it to enemy base before enemy team do it.  Score three times to win the battle.





Diesel Guns